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Field Operation Management (FOM) alludes to the administration of an organization's assets utilized at or on the way to the property of customers, rather than on organization property. Examples, finding vehicles, worker management activity, scheduling and dispatching work, guaranteeing driver safety, and coordinating the administration of such stock activity(inventory), billing, and accounting. Field Operation Management most usually alludes to organizations that need to manage installation, administration, or repairs of frameworks or equipment. It can likewise refer to programming and cloud-based platforms that guide in Field Operation Management.

Field Operation Management is utilized for resources in a few enterprises.

  • Field Operation Management in the agriculture segment.
  • In the telecommunications and cable industry, professionals who install cable or run telephone lines.
  • In property maintenance landscaping, and home and office cleaning.
  • In medical care, nurses give in-home consideration to the elderly or disabled.
  • In heavy designing, mining, industrial, and producing, technicians dispatched for preventative support and repair.
  • In gas utilities, engineers who are dispatched to explore and fix suspected leaks.

Field Operation Management must meet certain requirements

  • User’s expectations: users expect that their service should not be disrupted, and should be quickly reestablished
  • Equipment: Expensive modern equipment in mining or oil and gas can cost millions when sitting inactive
  • Low employee profitability: Managers can't screen field workers, which may reduce the efficiency
  • Cost: The rising expense of fuel, vehicle support, and parts stock
  • Service to deals: Increasingly, organizations anticipate that their services division should create incomes.
  • Information and innovation: On many occasions, the information for analytics is missing, stale or inaccurate.

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