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WOWinfotech is specialized in agribusiness, agriculture mobile application development, and website development, agriculture software development, programming improvement for farming and innovation organizations. Our devoted development team makes programming for agricultural ERP frameworks, customer relationship management, field operation management, and distributor management system.

IT has changed numerous parts of the human undertaking and helped create frameworks reacting to a wide scope of societal, cultural requirements. IT has advanced into the agricultural area and with positive outcomes.

To give some examples, here are a portion of its belongings :

  • Improved decision-making
  • Better planning
  • Community involvement
  • Agricultural breakthroughs
  • Agriculture for everyone

What we have for the Agriculture area?

Agriculture is exceptionally developing, creating a sector in the present modern-day. This essential area of an economy is boosting productivity and proficiency, efficiency with the assistance of technology. It is assessed that the steadily developing population will arrive at 9 billion by 2050. The interest for the agricultural good is immense for such developing need yet is too hard to even think about accomplishing it with the contracting land.

The IT framework is assuming a key part in the development of the Agriculture industry across the globe. The utilization instances of IT are in administration anddevelopment. Farmers are utilizing ERP frameworks for the management of assets and forecasting. ERP's frameworks discovered to be the strongest pillar in farming yield arranging and decision-making. WOWinfotech has planned the bestmanagement framework for dealing with every single activity.

Agricultural Works and Resource Management

Plan, execute, and control agricultural positions and all the important assets (worker hours, equipment, and materials).


Plot planning and geolocation through interconnection with GIS arrangements.

Treatment forecast

Forecasts dependent on data and alerts from climate stations and field sensors.


Alerts created from inspections and perceptions and outside information (drones and different devices).

Work orders

Create work orders dependent on inspections and alerts with asset allotment.

Labour executives

Staff allotment for each work with hours and amounts allocated independently and in teams.

Vehicle management

Incorporation with third-party GPS global positioning tracking frameworks for monitoring mechanized works.

Contract management

Characterize and track the presentation of supplier contracts with farmers, crop types, tracking yield as indicated by the agreement.

On-time supply

Enhance and streamline the whole supply measure: required supply estimation, provider request, receipt, vendor invoices, and installment.

Order and sales management

Deal with the whole sales measure, from the offer, client orders, conveyances, invoices, receipts, programmed pickup orders.

Financial and accounting management

Automate and deal with your whole financial and accounting actions from all areas and across all business channels and combine the group-level data.

Industry-focused analysis and reports

Track productivity on yields, items, sales results, deliveries, stock status, clients, edge per item/clients/geological territories.

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