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Today in the digital world, WhatsApp plays a key role in communication & beyond. Because it’s too much user-friendly & free. Today everyone knows how to use it. So why not to think about its commercial use.

We provide a Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services for your business to share your messages as text, images & videos too. We can send bulk WhatsApp messages to your database at least from 1000 to 1,00,000 WhatsApp users with sorted final delivery reports.Your promotional campaign messages can be easily delivered through bulk WhatsApp & you can market your target audience easily. Though it is having few restrictions, you can easily shoot direct messages to your targeted audience & grab the opportunity to convert fruitful business leads. So don’t miss the chance & start shooting bulk WhatsApp messages now.

Features Of Whatsapp Marketing

  • 1100% Delivery on WhatsApp Number
  • 2Total 1500 Text, 5 Image & 1 VCard Send in One Time
  • 3Economical and Cost effective
  • 4Schedule SMS Feature
  • 5Best Communication Tool
  • 6Work at all smart phones

Advantage Of Whatsapp Marketing for Business

Secure Platform

WhatsApp has become a trusted platform for encrypting messages and not sharing data with other third parties. Unlike other apps, it’s not riddled with ads, which means consumers see the app as a safe and private place for everyday communication.WhatsApp Business requires businesses to verify each account to ensure customers stay connected with verified companies.

Easy access

WhatsApp Business service provides reliable, efficient, and fast ubiquitous messaging on a platform many people use. WhatsApp helps you receive alerts and notifications in real-time. Best of all, all much-needed issues can be addressed immediately and directly without slowing down the middleman process.

Better Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is crucial for any business organization since they started using WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides direct contact between customers and business agents through quick but useful messages. By adding WhatsApp to your marketing strategy, you can quickly answer the basic questions of all your loyal customers.

Faster response time

WhatsApp allows companies to provide faster customer service. When customers are opt-in, businesses will contact customers directly from their mobile phone. WhatsApp Business’ “Quick Reply” feature allows companies to store and reuse valuable, regularly sent messages to improve customer service processes.

Sending Reminders

WhatsApp business app reaches its heights by providing your customers with updates on important events, and business-related dates. For example, which app businesses can be used to submit flight status, important documents, etc. to passengers, paving the way for the reach of WhatsApp ads. The app can also be used to notify orders or submit payments to customers.

No Extra Costs

WhatsApp is a group messaging program that doesn’t charge money to use. You can send texts, GIFs, advertising media, and more to your customers for free. Therefore, it does not add any extra cost to the marketing plan.

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We are one of the best Whatsapp Marketing services providers in Nashik. By using our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing you can easily send massive amounts of promotional messages to your targeted customers. We provide high-quality and the most affordable WA messaging service in Nashik, India.

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