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The era of digitalization demands heavy cyber dependence. It is a period where safeguarding our confidential data is of utmost importance. With the rapid growth of social engineering attacks, organizations need to ensure their IT infrastructure security more than ever. Investing in a company with the best in class cyber security solutions is crucial for the safekeeping of our devices and networks.

Cyber security should be organized as a continuous process of identifying vulnerabilities, threats, and related risks. It being a recognised concern and growing priority for all big and small enterprises risk evaluation, risk management and determining their probability and impact on the enterprise business goals must be kept an eye on. we are committed to protect the world and its devices from the vicious intentions of threat actors. Kratikal is entrusted with the security of organizations seeking to protect their business and dignity from cyber attacks.

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Cyber Security Services

Digital Transformation and Acceleration

We study business workflow to provide you a pictorial mind map elaborating what all aspects are currently digital and what can be further done to improve your efficiency.

Cyber Security Consulting

Every-time we are online, we should be sure that we are secure. Our team understands your online patterns and suggest effective ways of being safe while remaining confident.

Cyber Security Insurance

We know advantages of securing physical life with insurance, but what about digital life? With unique offerings from well known brands, we help you to cover what my cause you fortune in case of unfortunate events.

Types of Cyber Security

Critical infrastructure security

Critical infrastructure security is the area of concern encompassing the assurance of frameworks, organizations and resources whose ceaseless activity is consider significant to guarantee the security of a given country, its economy, and the general’s wellbeing and additionally wellbeing.

Network security

Network security is a bunch of advancements that safeguards the ease of use and trustworthiness of an organization’s foundation by forestalling the passage or expansion inside an organization of a wide assortment of likely dangers

Cloud security

Cloud security, otherwise called could computing security, is the act of safeguarding cloud-based information, applications and framework from digital assaults and digital dangers. Online protection, of which cloud security is a subset, has similar objectives.

Internet of things security

IoT security is the innovation fragment zero in on shielding association gadgets and organizations in the web of things (IoT). IoT includes adding web availability to an arrangement of interrelated registering gadgets, mechanical and computerized machines, items, creatures as well as individuals.

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We provide Cyber Security solutions to give you more visibility and protect your data. Our solutions will set the highest standards for your privacy and security controls.

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