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Distribution management system term that implies dealing with your wholesalers by providing items and payments collection. However, there is much more than these activities given the operational complexities and improvements in present-day times.

Now get smarter Distribution Management System. A real time solution to manage your inventory end-to-end.

Getting the complete information of your stock on all levels in the chain- warehouse, stockist, distributors and retailers.Our distributor management system shows you the SKU numbers in real time along with the log of all the actions performed order, sale or purchase. Thus, building transparency in your stocks.

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The user-friendly interface is what makes the customer use it in one go.

We provide unique solution that makes the working of distributors much easier and therefore can easily win over the resistance of using an old existing system by adapting to higher technology. The Indian retail market is profoundly competitive. Distributors and brands target improving client reliability and loyalty consistently, by offering great service.

Top Distributor Management System Development

  • Customer management
  • Order management
  • Claims Management
  • Retailer Management
  • Trade promotions management

Our company offers you team of industry and product experts that includes experienced software developers who develop best distributor management system for your business as per your requirements Our Distributor Management System helps your channel distributors to efficiently manage all their regular activities such as Goods Receipt, Stock Transfer, Secondary Order Processing, Schemes Management, Invoicing and many more.

Advantage Distributor Management System Development

  • 1

    Optimum utilization of resources

  • 2

    Accurate inventory management

  • 3

    Accurate order management

  • 4

    Well-aligned promotions and pricing

  • 5

    Hassle-free delivery and returns management

  • 6

    Quick contract documentation and approval

  • 7

    A common communication platform for all parties

  • 8

    Well-organized payment collection

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