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Agriculture Software Solution

WOWinfotech developing Agriculture software solution. WOWinfotech Company developed Mobile applications and websites in the field of Agriculture.

WOWinfotech working in the agriculture sector with farmers and the agriculture communities.

WOWinfotech delivering software into the field of Agronomy Advisory Application, Agribusiness sales team management system, Product campaign system.

Agronomy Advisory Application

In an agronomy advisory application, the company should get all the statistics related to farm management. WOWinfotech providing to clients in the application like Farm management, farmer plot creation, Farmers providing solution to the farmer's problems and the dashboard to maintain all the records in the system.

Farmers can upload photos regarding their crop problems in the mobile application, If the farmers will know about this problem he can answer, and the company agronomist always there for you to answer your question. The farmer can arrange the meeting with the company agronomist.

WOWinfotech made a Mobile application. It is the best application for Agronomy advisory it consists of all the function which benefits company, agronomist, and farmers.

Agribusiness Sales Team Management System

Agriculture Business has their sale team to ensure that its company products available in the market and to spread the information related to the company and the product they are selling. To maintain the sales team record WOWinfotech comes with the idea “Agribusiness sales team management”

It helps to company to track their sales team movement so accordingly that it is easy to monitor them and make tasks accordingly their position.

WOWinfotech made applications of Agribusiness sales team management for companies like Dhruv Agritech Technologies, Nisarga Crop Care Pvt. Ltd.

Product Campaign System

The product campaign system is used to design to create a monitor and manage the promotional campaigns to increase the usage of the product/service, improve the sale of the product.

Our Recent projects

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Agriculture software is an exhaustive answer for issue free management and tracking of your agribusiness. It is a stage that gives all arrangements in a single place from dealing with your work process the board to giving ongoing information access time and place.

WOWinfotech Company in Nashik is a Top Mobile App Development, Providing Services such as Website Design and Website Development.

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