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Mobile App Development on a Low Budget

Brief introduction

Apps are great investments for any business in today’s world. Business mobile apps improve customer engagement and increase customer retention rates for different markets. With a vast mobile user base, mens dress watches businesses can reach to larger audiences than before. Still, a lot of businesses are not able to invest in mobile application because of the huge mobile application development costs. To be honest, there is nothing like cheap mobile app development and if by any chance, you have discovered a company that offers cheap mobile apps, then be prepared for the same level of quality cheap. That being said, this does not mean that it is impossible to launch your app with a low budget. It needs a lot of planning but it is definitely achievable with the help of WOWINFOTECH.

How much does it really cost to make an app?

Most of our clients come with this question: how much does it cost to make an app?and our answer is something that is explained below. Well, if you can define the cost of building a house, you can definitely define the cost of a mobile app. apparently, mobile app cost depends upon what all features you require and which methods you choose to get it developed. A universal fact that remains true to this date despite all the transformations is that you will get what you pay for. While the cost of creating any product or business is done using the old ways, it is the infrastructure that has changed. Instead of investing in hardware machinery and other equipment, you need to invest in information technology. Moreover, like any other traditional company, you need to focus on your customer experience by providing an app that engages better than your competitors. Apps with high performance are based upon strong conceptualization, strategic planning and the best talent to pull it off. Cutting your cost on any of these would risk your final product.

Research Thoroughly!

Research is definitely going to help you in the conceptualization phase. Nobody knows your app idea better than you. Thus, it must be well researched to ensure that no similar app already exists in the market and if it does, you have something unique and valuable to offer. Additionally, you get to develop a lot of use cases, considering the type of audience and how it will respond to your app in the long- as well as short-term.

Decide a Platform!

Deciding a platform for your app is crucial for the later stages. It has a direct impact on cost and your target audience. Different platforms use different native SDKs, different operating systems, libraries and coding languages. You should choose a platform that is used most by your target audience. To cut costs, you can go for a hybrid app over native app because it is cost-effective app development method.

Choose Your Team Members Wisely!

Hire resources that have expertise in their domain and are well-versed with all the concepts, like in case of designers it should be user experience, interaction design, visual design etc. The timeline of work is defined as per the complexity of your mobile application. The process involves n number of iterations and sometimes change in scope too. Apparently, there is no shortcut to success and neither to a quality mobile application.

Get External Feedback!

To ensure that your app is on the right track, you can ask other people to perform the usability testing. Family, friends, Facebook groups, testing communities etc. can help you in finding the areas of improvement. Finally, you can analyse if you will be able to meet your customers’ expectations with the final app.

Looking for a decent mobile app development company with low prices!

It is not necessary to hire mobile app development companies like Fueled, Appster etc. because they charge a fortune to deliver a quality app. Also, you cannot risk your app with some app development company that has no proven experience in its field. It is safe to go with the intermediate options, one like ours. Outsourcing every single thing would mean a lot of chaos in the end. It is better to find a mobile app development company with a team of in-house developers, designers, testers and marketers. Relying on a freelancer would again be a risky option because freelancers normally deliver faulty products or even worse, run away with your money.

Don’t just focus on the investment but focus on Quality!

Small businesses invest hesitatingly and investing in a mobile app development is a big decision. Thus, they always struggle with the limited time and financial resources to develop one. However, there is always a way out, if you choose to look for it.

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