App Store Optimization Techniques

App Store Optimization Techniques

App Store Optimization Techniques

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps for purpose of achieving a higher rank in the app store search results and top charts rankings of the app store and play store. Due to its similarities to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, app store optimization is also referred to as App Store SEO and Mobile App SEO. In this

blogs, we have listed the best app store optimization techniques with the help of which you can easily make your apps rank higher on the play store.

App Store Optimization Techniques To Increase App Downloads

App Title: It is the very first thing that a user sees when he/she comes across an app. The first impact a title has on the user determines whether they’ll click on it and read the entire description.

A mere name has the power to steer a user’s action. Often it has the customers install the app altogether. So while deciding on the title, make sure it’s unique and appealing, but at the same time easy to read.

Research Your Keywords: Android and iOS app store keywords volume form the very crux of the app store optimization process. It is very similar to SEO. Better keywords, (apple app store keywords/google play store keywords) ensure better ranking- that should be the core mantra of keyword research. When going for the research, consider the following:

  • App Features
  • Variations In Your Feature Descriptions
  • Apps Sharing Similar Titles
  • The Category It Falls Into
  • Keywords That Fall Under The Same Category
  • Google Play Store App Keywords

App Description: The app description is a crucial part of the app’s metadata. It is important to let users be informed of what the app is all about along with giving a complete overview of its main features. Also, other than users, the App description helps in ranking algorithms too. The description makes the search engine find the relevant keyword to make the app rank. Make sure you are incorporating the keywords into decent sentences. This will result in making the description information, attractive, and relevant as per the algorithm required.

App Icon: Visuals always play an important role when it comes to marketing a product. And digital marketing has made it all the more essential. A good app icon should be the visual art that lures a user on a subconscious level.

While an icon can never be the direct factor behind conversions, it, however, has a long-lasting impact on the user mind that eventually leads to a brand’s success. Users tend to develop a subconscious affinity toward an icon without realizing it.

Insert App Screenshots: Screenshots play important role in ASO,  Whenever you explore a product on the play store, you’ll always find some screenshots used alongside the descriptions. It helps in picturizing the entire app description, hence the product idea. 5 to 7 screenshots can always increase the number of downloads.  The screenshots should be informative and elegant. The inside of the app, and the user interface should be clearly reflected in the screenshots. As visual elements, they play a crucial role in creating downloads.

App reviews: Reviews are also very important for any user who visits the app page for the first time. Also, an app with good ratings ranks better than an app with low ratings. So make sure you have designed your app very well if any user is facing any issue, you should have some features to guide them. Also, encourage users to write reviews from the app.

If you would like to know more about the same and want to get started with it- connect with our app experts today. 

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  • Krishna Handge


    Mar 17,2023


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