Benefits of Progressive Web App

Benefits of Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are today considered as the most powerful trend in mobile web development. The technology behind PWA was created by Google only a couple of years ago, and it quickly gained steam to now figure as the potential future direction for mobile apps.

Read this blog to learn what PWA is all about, what its key benefits are, and when to choose native development over PWA.

What is PWA apps?

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application – a website that looks and behaves just like a mobile app. Users can add it to the main screen of their smartphones. PWAs can send push notifications, access the hardware of the mobile device, and even work offline or in an unstable connection.

Key benefits of PWA apps

1. Availability in the offline mode

Websites don’t display content properly if the internet connection is limited or there’s no connection whatsoever. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are often self-contained and allow users to use them while not online. As a result, they offer greater availability and drive engagement. And PWA offers this as well.

2. Mobile-like behavior

Progressive Web Apps are designed like mobile apps, but offer advantageous website functionalities like dynamic data and database access. Most PWAs benefit from existing frameworks and UX/UI that allow providing superior user experiences compared to websites. Still, PWAs work like websites and are indexable by search engines, which helps in boosting their exposure on the market.

3. Smooth installation

To install a PWA, users can download the app directly onto their device from a website. A PWA gets its own icon on phones and tablets, just like a mobile app.  Moreover, you can place your app in the Google Play Store for greater exposure (the Apple App Store doesn’t allow that option yet).

4. No app store submission

You don’t need to publish PWA on app stores. As a result, businesses don’t have to go through the long and tedious app store submission process. Also, teams can push new updates without waiting for any approvals – the updates are automatically downloaded and updated when users relaunch the app.

5. Use of hardware features

PWAs allow the implementation of different mobile features, such as push notifications. The best thing is that developers have full control over their implementation, potentially offering businesses new marketing and sales channel.

Moreover, PWAs can take advantage of the hardware features of mobile devices such as geolocation or camera.



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  • Krishna Handge


    Mar 22,2023


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