Benefits of using own field team tracking app instead of subscription based app.

Benefits of using own field team tracking app instead of subscription based app.

As a result of advancements in technology, many businesses now use field team tracking tools to boost efficiency. Even while subscription-based apps seem useful, creating a custom application that meets your business's demands has several benefits. Instead of utilizing a generic subscription-based field team monitoring programme. For iOSAndroid, or Flutter we can create a field team app.

A field team app is a specific kind of software designed to manage teams working in the field more efficiently and effectively. The custom field team apps from WOWinfotech are designed to improve the productivity, coordination, and efficiency of field workers in a variety of industries like Ellora Seed, Crystal Seed, Booster Paris, Orbit, Indifert, and Farmson.

These applications come with capabilities that make it easier to assign tasks, track locations, collect data, and report in real time. By facilitating easy access to essential materials, they enable field teams to perform their jobs effectively and maintain communication with their supervisors and the central office.

The field team apps from WOWinfotech can be customized to match the particular requirements of various companies, either in the construction, maintenance, sales, delivery, or any other field-focused industry. They provide strong functionality, user-friendly interfaces, and integration options.

Features of field tracking app by WOWinfotech:

1. Customization for Specific Needs

While subscription-based applications do provide basic fundamental functionalities, they often fall short of specific needs of certain business models or sectors. Developing an application with the help of an app development company offers features and functionality that can be customized. Unlike subscription-based tools, WOWinfotech's field team tracking app allows you to generate customized reports with data analysis features. The new module can be added or removed based on your needs.

2. Enhanced Security

When you own the source code for your project, you have total control over the security procedures that are used. Your business may put strong security measures in place that meet your data protection needs with the aid of a custom app. Since you own your server and have secured web hosting, you have complete control over your database and there is no possibility of data leakage. However, there is less data protection when it comes to subscription-based apps because the database is housed on a local computer owned by a third party company.

3. Increased Efficiency with a Customized Dashboard

Use a fully customizable dashboard within your application to access real-time data, detailed statistics, and relevant insights regarding the activity of your field employees. This customized interface acts as a central center, providing comprehensive analytics to allow quick response times and educated decision-making. Our solution, which provides a customized dashboard experience, improves your capacity to effectively track, evaluate, and act upon vital information, enabling increased flexibility and accuracy in the management of your field operations.

4. Seamless Integration and Scalability

An internal app developed by experts in Android, iOS, and Flutter application development will function with your current systems and simply interact with other tools and software. As your company expands, the programme can easily be upgraded or scaled up. Field team tracking app provides you database flexibility.

5. Ownership and Control

Since you own the source code, your company keeps complete ownership and control over the functionality of the app and any future modifications. There is no longer a reliance on outside vendors, and there is less risk of service failures or changes to the terms of service. You have ownership of the database too. You can use the same field app for your further businesses as you have full control to code you can customize as per choice. You can modify the app fully as per your requirement. You can make changes in design too.

6. Tailored User Experience

Your operations can be greatly improved by creating an application that centers around the activities of your field team. Beyond just convenience, the benefits go deeper: an app experience customized to your team's workflow increases staff use rates, which increases total productivity, in addition to improving user satisfaction. This customized strategy guarantees that the software fits in easily with your team's everyday responsibilities, enabling them to operate more productively and effectively and enhancing the profitability of your company.

8. Compliance and Regulations

It takes careful consideration of these requirements to create custom software that not only fits to these industry-specific standards but also maintains outstanding quality. A customized solution can be developed by giving priority to and incorporating industry-specific regulations into the software development process. By using this method, you can be sure that the final software will not only meet but also beyond industry standards, giving you a reliable and compliant platform that precisely fulfills the criteria of your industry.

9. One time cost:

For a field team tracking app, you will need one time cost to purchase. Once you buy the app you will be the owner for a lifetime. In a subscription based app, you pay the cost per employee. So, when your organization and employee size increases you have to pay a high cost. As compared to this, in the field team app, once you pay the cost you can use it forever for unlimited use.

10. Technology choice:

With WOWinfotech's wide range of technologies, which include Java, React, Flutter, and Kotlin, you can choose your own. Create a customized field team tracking application by utilizing the technology that most closely matches your goals. Our experience guarantees a smooth development process, enabling you to design a customized solution that matches your company's requirements.

Benefits of own field tracking app by WOWinfotech

Improves productivity of the sales team.

Easy expense management of employees.

Streamline sales process.

It can capture and track expenses.

Easy reports generation

Expenses manager app is designed to be user-friendly, effective, and secure. With the help of this, you can manage small or large size employees.

Why you should choose field team app over subscription based app:

In WOWinfotech’s field team app, you have control over the user interface. You can modify it as per your choice. But in a subscription based app you have control over the user interface. You can not modify it.

Parameters Field team app Subscription based app
Ownership Your ownership to app No ownership
User interface Complete flexibility with UI No flexibility
One time cost No need app cost again for your further products Required cost for your each product
Data security Full data security with own server, own hosting, own database No data security
White labeling Yes No



Subscription-based field team tracking tools are convenient, but they sometimes don't have the depth and customization needed to maximize an organization's productivity. Investing in an app development company like WOWinfotech for a customized solution that includes both iOS and Android app development gives you a competitive edge by delivering special features that complement your corporate objectives

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