Crystal Safal Fasal App

Crystal Safal Fasal App

We have designed and developed apps and websites for many clients belonging to various industry around the world. One of the important clients is Crystal Crop Protection Limited, for they WOWinfotech has developed Crystal Safal Fasal App. we implement the latest design ideas and innovative technologies for help them find cutting-edge solutions for Crystal Crop Protection Limited.

Crystal Safal Fasal is an Android app with an admin panel design and developed by WOWinfotech for the zone and head office. This is an Agronomy type application. Crystal Crop Protection Limited has developed an application to provide farmers with a complete crop solution to increase crop productivity, from sowing to harvesting.

This crystal safal fasal app design and developed functionality make it easy for team members (Crystal Doctor) to work with farmers. Here Crystal Field staff can add farmer plots to the application, maintain a data bank, add product demos, hold farmer group meetings, and even add and monitor daily farmer meetings.

By using crystal safal fasal app team members can plan their daily work and schedule appointments. This will enable the farmworkers to work more easily and will also make agriculture more favorable to the farmers. Both the admin panels, the head office, and the zonal panel, have easy access to the farmer's data and also receive and monitor the daily visits of the farmers along with the staff.

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  • Krishna Handge


    Apr 01,2023


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