Difference Between UI and UX Design

Difference Between UI and UX Design

UI and UX are one of many terms that are used interchangeably, even though both have different meanings. If you are confused about the terms even after googling it, then don't worry, you are not alone. You have come to the right place, where today we will discuss both UI and UX and understand how different they are and how related they are to each other.

What is UI Design?

UI stands for "User Interface". UI Design is one of the booming sectors today in the tech industry. In terms of application, UI Design stands for User Interface Design or the application's graphical layout. It contains everything from the button that users click on, the messages, images they see, the sliders, text entry fields, and other items they interact with. Everything you see on a digital screen which includes screen layout, interface animations, transitions, and other micro-interactions comes under UI Design. 

What is UX Design? 

UX stands for "User Experience". User Experience Design or UX Design is defined as the way a consumer or user of a platform interacts with the platform. These platforms could be an app, website, or any other medium. The people working behind UX Design are called UX Designers. These professionals gauge human interactions with various platforms like an app, a website, etc.

Difference between UX and UI

UI Design is about creating intuitive, interactive, aesthetically-pleasing interfaces. Whereas, UX Design is about identifying and solving user problems. 

UX Designers work ahead of UI Designers, as their work comes ahead in the product development process. UX Designer maps the user journey, then UI Designer fills it with visual and interactive elements. 

UI is specific to digital products and experiences, whereas UX Design could be applied to any kind of product, service, or experience. 

Example No. 1: Consider a scenario of horse riding. The UI elements are saddle, stirrups, and the reins used for horse riding. UX is the feeling that one gets while riding a horse. 

Example No. 2: Consider an example of the human body. UI Design constitutes bones and bone structure. The organs present inside the human body represent UX Design. Now without these organs, life won't be supported. Without the bones and bone structure, there is no definite shape to the human body. 

Some famous thinkers have put forward correct thinking on these topics, like UI without UX is like a painter painting without a thought, and UX without UI is like a sculptured frame without material in it. 

You might have understood the difference by now, the essential takeaway from these examples is the fact that despite having distinct features, one cannot live without the other. 

How UI and UX are related? 

The one-liner difference between the two terms that you must keep in mind is that: UI is all about how a product's interface looks and functions, whereas UX is all about the overall feel of the experience. After intensive research and competitor analysis, UX Designer maps out the user journey, and then UI Designer steps in to fill in visual aspects. It's essential to have some knowledge in both fields to be able to gain proficiency in one field. 

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  • Krishna Handge


    May 02,2023


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