Dr Crop Guru App Developed By WOWinfotech

Dr Crop Guru App Developed By WOWinfotech

We have designed and developed apps and websites for many clients belonging to various industry around the world. One of the important clients is Anand Agro Care, for them WOWinfotech has developed Dr Crop Guru. we implement the latest design ideas and innovative technologies for help them find cutting-edge solutions for Anand Agro Care.


Dr. Crop Guru is an agricultural app that has been Developed by WOWinfotech for Anand Agro Care to guide farmers about the cultivation of main crops such as Grapes, Pomegranates, Capsicum Tomatoes, etc. Farmers get the guidance of more than 20 years of experienced staff through field visits on their farms to get maximum quality income at minimum cost. Dr. Crop Guru App Will Provide Solutions to farmers on any type of Problem regarding Agriculture. Dr. Crop Guru app provides features like schedule, FAQ, Farmer Qustion Answer, etc Features also they profile soil testing water testing, etc services to farmers.

Detail Information about the services offered through Dr. Crop Guru App as follow:

1) Dr. Crop Guru is an Android mobile app that will provide in-depth guidance about grape, pomegranate, capsicum, tomato and other vegetable crops as well as vegetable crops.

2) Guides with 20 to 25 years experience in each crop will visit your farm from time to time and guide you about the respective crop.

3) You will be guided through YouTube channel Dr. Crop Guru for the new problems and the solution plans for the current situation through guidance videos.

4) Dr. Crop Guru App in will guide you about the diseases, pests and daily activities that occur according to the conditions of your crop.

5) Government Schemes in Dr. Crop Guru will provide complete information about the new schemes of the government.

6) Weather forecast in Dr. Crop Guru in will give you the forecast for the next five days and will guide you periodically to work in your field according to the weather forecast.

7) You can call and directly communicate with the expert consultant about your farm problems and solve your problems immediately  with Emergency Call features in Dr.CropGuru App.

8) Ask Questions From this section you can ask your farm problems and get instant advice.

9) Also by adding the daily work of your farm and the schedule of experts in the diary, the report of the annual work of your farm can be saved for years.

10) By adding soil, water, leaf stem reports, your farm can plan crop nutrient and water management

11) You can get information about agriculture and answers to frequently asked questions from the FAQ section.

If you want to develop an app for your business contact us at +919370104077 or mail us to info@wowinfotech.com. we are there for all your mobile app development service needs. Our passionate and skilled mobile app developers and designers use the latest technologies to create compelling mobile experiences across platforms. Get a free consultation for your IT related needs from us.


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  • Krishna Handge


    May 10,2023


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