Google Tools For Small Businesses

Google Tools For Small Businesses

Any business needs the help of tools to ensure that their website works in an efficient manner. The biggest advantage of using tools is that they provide you with a new set of functions incorporated for your website. Tools further improve the logistics and dynamics of the website and in turn, make a huge difference in the revenue of your company. 

In this blog, I will show you free Google tools that you can use for your business. The best part of using Google Tools is that you can see how Google sees your website or app and get insights directly from Google where you want to rank and drive traffic.

Google Analytics

The information or data about your business can add great value to your business. Google Analytics helps you get all the data you need, including web traffic on your website, making it one of the best free tools available on the internet to help you understand your growth and online presence. 

It allows you to use online analytics information to help you improve the content you put on your website and thereby improve user experience and optimization for better sales, which is obviously the end goal. This tool enables you to find the source or the medium of the user on your website, thus allowing you to understand if your marketing plans have worked or not. By having this information, you can device new plans for your growth. 

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is the younger brother of Google Analytics that’s made for beginners who are new to using tools. At times, you just need data shown in simple pie charts or graphs to give you an idea about your website’s performance. It is important that you use this data to have a better understanding of your business and its performance. With simple data analysis, you can easily run your small business better.

Google Search Console

Once known as Google Webmaster Tools and now rebranded to Google Search Console, this tool is perfect for webmasters. It not only helps you in checking the indexing status but also optimizes the visibility of your website. It is the most important tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Any entrepreneur who works with the help of an online website would know the incredible importance of SEO to get prospective customers to your website. With this tool, you get the power to track your site’s search performance and thus cater to the needs of your users by providing suitable content. Once Google starts tracking your website, you can get data on the organic search results and their respective performance results. 

Google My Business

This tool is perfect for those businesses that work from an office. It allows you to strengthen your website using the best SEO strategies. The information you put on this tool is what comes up when a customer does a Google search for your office or business on Google maps or just on Google. Therefore, all the information you put there must be correct and updated. 

Google Keyword Planner

Creating your website content without the use of relevant keywords does no justice to your website in the long run. To help you create content relevant to specific keywords, you must definitely them using Google Keyword Planner. It gives you a detailed analysis of the average keyword searches on a monthly basis and thus helps you come up with relevant data. More than anything, it helps you create a new content marketing strategy. 

Google Tag Manager

There are not many tools that help you in keeping track of tags and code snippets, which is extremely helpful in case you are running Facebook Ads. By using Google Tag Manager, you can easily keep a count on the codes and tags on your mobile app, without hitting the backend of the website. Since Facebook Ads is already integrated with Google Tag Manager, you can use the app with ease on your phone to get all the information and data. 

Test my Site

If you do not have a fast website, you will not rank among the best websites on the net. Therefore, you need to make sure that the pages on your website load quickly. Furthermore, since most of the traffic comes from smartphones these days, it is important to make sure that your website is perfectly aligned to work on a smartphone. This tool can help you do all of that.

Google Pagespeed Insights

This tool is ideal for web page designers and developers, as it allows you to better the loading time of pages. The ideal time suggested by Google is 3 seconds to get the maximum number of hits on your websites. Therefore, you need to start using Google Pagespeed Insights and check for your scores on it to get an understanding of how optimized your page is.

Google Trends

This tool allows you to search for trends in your specific region to get information on the trending topics of your area. By having an idea about the trending topics, you can create relevant blog posts and articles for your website. This is perfect for news portals or websites that comment or put their views in front of relevant topics. 

Google Alerts

This tool helps you get updates as soon as some news related to the keyword comes in. You can select the keywords you want alerts on and this tool will do the rest. Since the keyword you choose can get used on Google multiple times a day, you can choose the frequency at which you need to get the alerts. It can be once a day or once a week or even every single time it comes up. 

Your business can only boom once you start using these Google tools efficiently. What makes them more attractive is the fact that they are absolutely free.

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  • Krishna Handge


    Mar 25,2023


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