How to increase Mobile App Downloads

How to increase Mobile App Downloads

When you invest a lot of time and money into mobile app development, you always hope that a sizable portion of users will at least give it a shot. Sadly, persuading individuals to click "Install" can be quite challenging. Finally, you've created your own app. You adore the look and feel of your app and all of the devices you tested it on run it flawlessly. You have identified an untapped and uncontested market.

The effort to increase software downloads is a typical issue for app developers. Don't give up if you published an app but aren't getting the downloads you expected. Real financial rewards can result from successful app creation, but it all starts with gaining those first downloads. You'll need to put in some work and make use of your app development talents if you aim to attract people's attention and make your app more visible.

Create  a Tempting App Icon

The design of your app icon, which users view first in the app store, is essential to its success. As clients browse the app store, your program should stick out as distinctive and appealing.

Use a design that effectively communicates the purpose of your app. As many suggestions as possible should be provided to users about what they will learn once they install it. Having said that, you should avoid using excessive flash and make the app icon as simple as possible. It is ideal to keep things simple; you don't want them to be cluttered or difficult to read.

Through app store optimization, reach more users.

The Google Play Store or the Apple App Store is where most users find new apps.

Obviously, being chosen as an Editor's Choice is the best sort of promotion offered here. However, you can't completely control that. Your app listing is something that you can change. The process of making your page as attractive and accessible as possible is known as app store optimization, or ASO.

The best keywords should be added, a distinctive title should be created, a compelling app description should be written, and eye-catching screenshots should be uploaded. Many apps with difficulty getting downloads are lacking in at least one of these categories. Study the listings of your main competitors if you wish to increase your numbers. 

Create a Website 

Your software should definitely have its own website, just like any other internet product. The fundamentals of Internet marketing are simple. Discoverability should be the primary goal. You don't need a nice website, but you should focus on SEO (search engine optimization).

People frequently use app stores to look for new programs, but they also occasionally use Google and other search engines to do the same. Making a website gives you the opportunity to attract these potential customers and showcase your app's best features in a controlled digital environment. Make sure to include eye-catching pictures, a teaser video, and a compelling call to action that links to your website on your landing page. 

Give your app a suitable name and description

A catchy title can make the difference between customers referring to your product by name and "This thing on my phone." A compelling app name can greatly influence customers' decision to download your app. Therefore, the name of your app must be original and relevant if you want it to stick in users' minds. And while nobody can help you come up with the ideal name for your app, here are some tried-and-true methods. Useless names should not be used - 

You should do a lot of research before choosing a name and clicking "Publish," or you risk meeting a lawyer in person. Make sure your app's name is short, distinctive, and easy to spell. Choose a name for your app that accurately describes it as you can. When users are seeking anything that will meet their needs, they shouldn't browse past your app.

Engage Potential Users Through Content Marketing

There are a variety of apps that can be efficiently promoted with quality content marketing, from photo editors to financial management. This can entail adding blogs to the website for your app, producing YouTube tutorial videos, or even launching a podcast.

Over the years, Evernote has dominated this tactic. The industry leader in note-taking frequently distributes user survey findings and other materials pertaining to productivity. Users will always be drawn to relevant material, and you may include an elevator pitch for your app in each post, video, and episode. Regularly publishing new material will also significantly improve your website's SEO.

Utilizing Captivating Images and Videos

The images, videos, and screenshots you include with your app description are among its most crucial components. Your app store page must be visually appealing.

Downloads will be sparked by images of your program that emphasize its most used and popular features. Users often glance at screenshots from your app itself after finding you in search results. These two must work well together in order to persuade consumers to click the download button.

Encourage users to leave reviews and ratings

There is a good possibility that each potential user who comes across your software will peek at your rating. The pickiest buyers may even delve into your user reviews to see what other clients have to say.

The number of downloads you receive can significantly be impacted by both aspects of your app listing. Additionally, app stores frequently highlight applications that offer a positive user experience. Asking your current users is the best strategy to enhance your ratings and reviews. Many apps feature a pop-up notification that appears after a predetermined number of times or hours of use.

Promote referrals

More influence than any other form of marketing comes from referrals.  Friends are always a lot more persuasive than advertisements or articles, especially if your software includes a social component.

Some of your happiest clients may be able to spread the word on their own, but the majority will need encouragement. Because of this, many applications feature referral programs that offer rewards to users whose friends and family members download and register for the same app. Adding this feature alone has the potential to significantly increase your downloads.


The task of increasing app downloads for your app is not always straightforward.

However, you'll notice a noticeable increase in downloads and app store rankings if you utilize these recommendations and best practices for app promotion.

When implementing these tactics, never forget to take your target audience's preferences into account. Use these suggestions while keeping in mind the needs of your audience because what works well for broad consumers might not work as well for them. if you want to develop a mobile app for your business then you can connect with us. The best mobile app development firm in Nashik is WOWinfotech.



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