Krishi Vikas Agronomy App for Farming Success by WOWinfotech

Krishi Vikas Agronomy App for Farming Success by WOWinfotech

The ever-evolving field of agriculture has made technical developments a source of hope for farmers everywhere. WOWinfotech's Krishi Vikas Agronomy App is one such innovative invention. This blog explores the Krishi Vikas app's features and advantages, highlighting how it is transforming agronomy and assisting farmers in their transition to efficient and sustainable agricultural methods. Krishi Vikas app has more than 500+ downloads on the Google Play Store.

We developed websites and apps for several clients across a wide range of industries globally. The Agriculture Industry is one of WOWinfotech's most important clients because they developed the Krishi Vikas - Agronomy App. We use innovative design concepts and modern technology to assist them in developing revolutionary solutions for Krishi Vikas - Agronomy App.

A team of experienced agricultural experts uses the Krishi Vikas app to guide crop-related issues covering fruits, vegetables, flowers, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and cash crops.

Through the Krishi mobile app, Agriculture specialists with more than 20 years of experience in each crop help and guide farmers to solve minor problems and achieve high-quality income at minimum cost.

Krishi Vikas App Features:-

  • Skilled Advice: A group of informed advisors with years of combined experience in particular crops provides detailed guidance on how to increase profits while reducing costs.
  • Online Assistance: Farmers can get emergency assistance by calling emergency call services, which guarantees prompt resolutions to urgent problems.
  • Weather-Related Advice: Based on weather forecasts, farmers may make educated decisions about their fields thanks to the app's real-time weather updates.
  • Crop-Specific Advisory: A group of advisors with extensive knowledge of all crops immediately applies their skills to farmers' fields, ensuring outcomes.Crop-Specific Advisory: A group of advisors with extensive knowledge of all crops immediately applies their skills to farmers' fields, ensuring outcomes.
  • Exportable Crop Production: To help farmers reach foreign markets, the app places a strong emphasis on knowledge of exportable crop production.
  • Encouraging Organic Farming: Krishi Vikas app supports sustainable agricultural practices by promoting high-quality, toxic-free produce through organic farming.

Services The Krishi Vikas App Provides:

  • Extensive Crop Advice: The app provides advice on cash crops, grains, beans, oilseeds, fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
  • Expert tips from the Field: Experienced advisers make regular field visits to provide specific advice for each unique crop.
  • Advice on Pests and Diseases: Depending on the conditions of their crops, farmers receive advice on managing pests, managing diseases, and performing routine tasks.
  • Weather Forecast: The app offers a four-day forecast and occasional fieldwork guidance based on the forecast.
  • Free qualified Consultation: Farmers can discuss farm-related concerns and get timely solutions by speaking with qualified consultants over the phone at no cost.
  • Ask a Question Feature: Using the app, farmers may ask questions about their farming activities and get prompt help.
  • Testing Facilities: To guarantee the best possible crop health, services for testing soil, water, fertilizer, and stem are offered.
  • FAQ Section: With responses to commonly asked questions, the program has a thorough FAQ section.

The Krishi Vikas app by WOWinfotech helps farmers may now access efficiency and innovation in agriculture, transforming the sector. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies and a simple-to-use interface, the app simplifies agronomy duties and equips farmers with the knowledge they need to make profitable and sustainable farming decisions. Krishi Vikas app stands high as a light of progress, bringing in a new era of prosperity for farmers worldwide as we watch the digital revolution in agriculture.

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    Feb 29,2024


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