My Om Namo App Developed By WOWinfotech

My Om Namo App Developed By WOWinfotech

We have designed and developed apps and websites for many clients belonging to various industry around the world. One of the important clients is Business Intelligence Group, for they WOWinfotech has developed My Om Namo App. we implement the latest design ideas and innovative technologies for help them find cutting-edge solutions for My Om Namo App.

My Om Namo app is an android app with an admin Panel designed and developed by WOWinfotech for Business Intelligence Group. My Om Namo is an earnest venture to solve the problem by synergizing your spiritual and professional world. It is a holy platform that specializes in offering customized puja packages to individuals and corporates who do not have adequate contacts or time to organize pujas themselves.

My Om Namo is a holy platform that redefines all your religious, spiritual, and social needs through fingertip access in all corners of the world. My Om Namo provides goods to conduct all religious activities from birth to death in the entire facet of your life, be it festivals, happy occasions, or traditional rituals.

My Om Namo provides services to perform rituals/celebrations in regional languages ​​and in the regional traditional manner with the help of App. All the items (Pooja/ritual materials) are handmade by OM NAMO workers in a completely organic and eco-friendly manner. My Om Namo's Pandits are the best in class, selected through a rigorous selection process. My Om Namo aims to redefine your access to all religious/social activities in this fast-paced world where individuals are short on time with the help of the My Om Namo App.

My Om Namo App solves many types of spiritual activities problems like Performing Poojas, Finding the Right Brahmin, Pooja Samagri (Things), Monthly Pooja boxes, Brahmin Bhoj, and Funeral Services. Also with the help of My Om Namo App, some things become easier for you. Such as Spirituality, Queues in the temple, Daily Poojas, Big Pooja functions, Eco-friendly Ganapathi and Temple Donations.

If you want to develop an app for your business contact us at +919370104077 or mail us to we are there for all your mobile app development service needs. Our passionate and skilled mobile app developers and designers use the latest technologies to create compelling mobile experiences across platforms. Get a free consultation for your IT related needs from us.


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  • Krishna Handge


    May 08,2023


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