Ticket Management System For NIMA POWER Exhibition

Ticket Management System For NIMA POWER Exhibition

NIMA is a non-profit voluntary organisation that works continuously to help industrialists find solutions by bringing their concerns to government authorities at the State and District levels and by assisting them in finding markets for their current products. By frequently hosting large-scale exhibitions like the NIMA Index 2023  and releasing the industrial directory every three years, NIMA advances their goal of assisting the industries.

NIMA is a Nashik industries and manufacturing association. NIMA conducted the NIMA power Exhibition. With the vision of Nashik as a destination and Nashik to become an electrical-electronic cluster, this exhibition intends to take the name of Nashik Udhyamnagari not only in the state and the country but also across the seas. All senior government officials and industry stalwarts from various fields will attend the exhibition every day and interact with the entrepreneurs.

Next to Mumbai and Pune, Nashik, one of Maharashtra State's most well-known cities, is the third-most industrialised city. Numerous businesses in the city produce goods that can be exported, including general and heavy engineering, electrical equipment, vehicle parts, nylon, luggage movement spares, and dyes. Different private and governmental organisations often organise various types of exhibitions and events to advertise their products and grow their businesses. The business people in the nation and overseas can exchange ideas at these fairs and events.

The Nashik Industries and Manufacturers Association (NIMA) is a group that supports and fosters the improvement and development of the industrial sector. The association was founded on January 24th, 1971. One of the shows the NIMA puts on to support the city's industrial sector is the Industrial Electrical & Electronics Exhibition.

Power Quality & Control Solution, Electrical Safety, Technical Seminars, Green Energy, B2B, Power Backup Solution, and Non Conventional Energy Solution are some of the exhibition's highlights. Numerous individuals, including business owners, government representatives, traders or suppliers, consultants, contractors, CEOs, trade delegates, consumers, bankers, architects, and engineers, are eligible to participate in this show.

Also, several MoUs(Memorandum of understanding) will be signed during this time. The exhibition will give a big boost to investment along with industrial development and branding of Nashik. Industrial sector was hit the hardest during the covid period. Financially and psychologically, the entrepreneur has collapsed. Various measures are being taken at all levels to recover from it, and the entrepreneurs will get a revival due to this power show.

Ticket management system is used to issue entry passes along with entry to exhibition visitors, which need to be saved paper, because every person who will visit exhibition, if you give them manual entry or giving them a paper ticket then its lots of paper will waste and wastage will be created which is not good for our environment. to do paperless exhibition entry we use software for ticketing. To make an exhibition entry paperless and smooth processing  we have developed a QR Code scanner ticketing system software. 

In the Ticket management system users have to login to our NIMA power website. After entering a name and contact details the user will login successfully. After that in the guest session the user can check how many entries are saved in the guest list. The customer can see upto 10 entries in the guest session. They can check customer details like name and mobile number. When any person comes to visit After entering details like a customer name contact number on the system, the customer pays for it and we give them one QR code so that by scanning that QR code we can check customer details.

We have allocated QR code to every stall, one QR code number assigned to every QR code so that by scanning that QR code we get  stall details like a company name QR no etc. so by scanning QR Code customers can get company details.

In this exhibition all the electrical and electronics companies of Nashik participate in the exhibition. Every company held one individual  stall. And their exhibitors represent their company and they explain visitors' about their company services and products.

Our organisation WOWinfotech was a technology partner in NIMA power exhibition 2023. We have provided Ticket management system for the exhibition. 

We have our one stall also in the exhibition. We provide services like Website design and development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing and SEO, IOT and Machine learning. We explained to visitors about our services and customised products which we provided to people as per their requirement so that if they need our services they can connect with us and  they can grow their business to the next level.we provide Following customized Products.

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  • Krishna Handge


    Aug 18,2023


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