Top 6 IoT Trends in 2022

Top 6 IoT Trends in 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects that are embedded with sensors, devices, and software to connect and exchange data with other systems over the net. It is a system of interconnected computing devices, machines, and human beings. It talks about the multitude of physical devices around the globe that are connected through the internet.

The electronic devices that are utilized for connection and exchange of information could be routine household things or sophisticated industrial instruments. It emphasizes the power of the Internet to move beyond simply providing connectivity to phones and computers. It will now include offering its services to processes, humans, things, and environments.

1. Cyber Security Concerns

The increasing number of devices connected to the internet brings new vulnerabilities and exposures to companies and private users. If one machine in an IoT ecosystem is compromised, other devices are automatically at risk, since they are all connected.

Common IoT security issues are:

  • data leaks and data breaches
  • malware, ransomware, DDoS attacks
  • software weaknesses due to poor development
  • outdated software
  • device mismanagement.

That’s why cybersecurity should be prioritized when developing and implementing IoT solutions in all industries. Following are some trends that will help businesses and users improve their Internet of Things cybersecurity this year.

2. Edge IoT

Another pillar of the Internet of Things is cloud computing. Unfortunately, cloud services have significant drawbacks, such as low bandwidth and possible latency, which may cause issues, especially when real-time data processing is critical. This is why numerous companies are currently investing in edge computing technology.

With edge computing, information gathered by a device is processed directly on that device without being sent elsewhere. This has become possible due to the increased computing capabilities of modern devices.

3. Blockchain

One of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) trends is the increased adoption of blockchain technology. Blockchain can help in ensuring data security in IoT devices. Blockchain enables thriving interaction between various network nodes and assures safe record keeping and that is the reason Blockchain is a great fit for IoT applications as they are also distributed by nature.

4. 5G Technology

5G technology is not only a new age of wireless technology, but it is also a foundation to deliver the full potential of IoT, therefore transforming technological growth.

No doubt 5G technology is one of the most significant internet of things (IoT) emerging technologies in the year 2022 because strong connectivity will result in more trustworthy performing IoT devices.

5. IoT Empowered AI Applications

The internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), these two quite different technologies, can together present commercial solutions. In order to deliver reliable results, AI algorithms presently need very limited data. Industries using these two technologies can help automate several processes and reduce operating costs, reduce downtime, increase productivity and facilitate predictive maintenance.

6. Voice Activated IoT Devices

Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant – Google Assistant, virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon – Amazon Echo, and virtual assistant by Apple – Siri, have taken voice-based user interfaces to another level. With the developing technologies, voice interactions will be used in other applications in multiple industries in the forthcoming new age that will allow people to give commands, change settings and receive results from the smart devices.

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  • Krishna Handge


    Apr 24,2023


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