WOWinfotech Celebrating Six Years of Successful Journey

WOWinfotech Celebrating Six Years of Successful Journey

WOWinfotech was Founded on 1st January 2017  and has been thriving ever since. WOWinfotech has progressed from a promising technology startup to a leading software development company in Nashik, India, serving thousands of customers worldwide. We have kept abreast with the latest technology advancements to ensure our customers get only the latest software solutions to meet their business needs. We cover all aspects of software development, mobile app development, web development, digital marketing, and business automation solutions.

We take great pride in announcing that we have managed to provide top-notch IT service to our clients for the last 6 years.

WOWinfotech was registered on 1st January 2017, as a Proprietor firm, In 2017 WOWinfotech worked into core expertise in Mobile App Development. WOWinfotech started as just a dream and soon turned into a vision in the mind of the young entrepreneur Krishna. Partnering up with co-founder Kanchan, initially, both worked on Innovative concepts and made Apps for small-scale startups.

After a year, in 2018 WOWinfotech increased departments and set up with qualified experienced people and increased multiple sectors like IoT, Machine Learning, App development, Website design and development, Digital marketing, and SEO.

First, 3 years of entrepreneurship is only expansion, learning, and growing with making as per customer requirement solutions. After 3 years, it was time to focus on corporate things for the company and make the vision for the next 10 years, and to complete the dream that was initially planned.

The vision of directors Mr. Krishna Handge and Mrs. Kanchan Handge is to make India a developing nation into a developed nation with digital support. WOWinfotech has a team of 30 experts with similar vision and goals to provide prosperity to people by providing quality service to customers.

In 2022  WOWinfotech expanded its office infrastructure with your support and blessing. Now WOWinfotech is expanding and getting big with office infrastructure and team. We have started a new department in our office of WOW Studio, Blockchain department, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence department, and also started working on technologies like React.js, Ionic, and Vue.Js. etc

Now the founder's mission is to focus on Innovation, Inventions and scaling the company by connecting needy corporate customers and connecting experience and quality people to the company to achieve the organizational goals.

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  • Krishna Handge


    Jun 05,2023


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