App Development Case Studies

1 . Crystal Safal Fasal Application

Crystal Safal Fasal is an Android application with an admin panel for zone and head office. This is an Agronomy type application. Crystal Crop Protection Limited has developed an application to provide farmers with a complete crop solution to increase crop productivity, from sowing to harvesting.

This app design and developed functionality make it easy for team members (Crystal Doctor) to work with farmers. Here Crystal Field staff can add farmer plots to the application, maintain a data bank, add product demos, hold farmer group meetings, and even add and monitor daily farmer meetings. Here team members can plan their daily work and schedule appointments. This will enable the farmworkers to work more easily and will also make agriculture more favorable to the farmers. Both the admin panels, the head office and the zonal panel, have easy access to the farmer's data and also receive and monitor the daily visits of the farmers along with the staff.

2 . S Mart India

S Mart India is an Android application with an admin panel. Application is developed for the Krishna Enterprises. This is B2B type application, this application is a seller and buyer platform, working in packaging material, scrap and recycling material. Here the seller can post his products in the application with product details and price. Buyers can send product enquiries.

Through requirement functionality, both buyers and sellers can add purchase/sale requirements for a particular product along with product details. Here all vendors are registered from the admin panel. The administration can view and monitor both the seller and the buyer. In the application buyers and sellers can subscribe with different packages which are added by admin. Payment Gateway Sellers and buyers can make payments, they will appear in the admin panel in the Payment Accounts section.

3 . Saathi (Mitra) app

Saathi (Mitra) app is an android app with admin panel design and developed for smart sprayer users of Mitra Agro Equipments Pvt. Ltd. This is for Guidance and Solution for Company users. This app will provide a smart spray solution. From the application sprayer the user can keep digital dairy and increase service requests.

From the application sprayer the user can keep digital dairy and increase service requests. Plotting maps can be created directly from the GPS sensor in the sprayer application. It is easy for sprayer users to raise service requests and complaints. The same administrator can easily handle user service requests and complaints.

4. Valuez - Gurucool of Values

Valuez android application and admin panel is mainly developed for the children, parents and teachers. This is a kids learning app. In consultation with child psychologists, instructional designers and parents the platform hosts games, original song rhymes, stories, values compass scenarios, interactive modules to deeply imbibe values in kids.

5. Grape Master

The Grape Master android app is specially developed for Vineyard growers.The grape farming advisory app which provides timely and accurate guidance on production and quality issues. Here farmers can make plots of grapes. So farmer will get the daily schedule for his garden through the application which is added by admin panel. The application is available in multi-language.