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Mighty Digital Solutions To Grow Your Business As we know this pandemic hits so hard all the business around the world. Due to this, to start your offline business online, WOWinfotech comes with an idea called FARMRUT. Farmrut concept came in this pandemic, where all the business is closed. This concept is very helpful to all offline businesses. Now they can sell their product and services online. Due to farmrut, it is a kickstart for all the offline businesses. Every business can register under the farmrut concept. After the registration, the farmrut will provide a link. In this link, you can add your products and services. After adding the product you are able to share the link to every social media platform. When the users click on the link and open the link, they will directly forward it to your shop. In the pandemic, peoples maintain social distancing. So this Farmrut concept is way better to sell your product and services. It is easy for the customer to reach your shop, Customer can purchase or buy whatever he wants and he can visit your shop whenever he will get the time and take his order. Or It is depending on the business whether he wants to give a delivery system or not. Farmrut is an innovative android application. Users can list their products and services. He can make different categories of products. Farmrut is WhatsApp integrated online marketing system. People can order the products by seeing their price, description on WhatsApp. Businessmen, service providers, shop owners, resellers, online sellers, etc. different businesses can register on farmrut. These users can upload a product pic and share this to different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc. Mighty Digital Solutions To Grow Your Business

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